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About me

Welcome to my blog, I am Felix, a Java developer in the Telecom, Bank, and Insurance industries for more than 6 years. Back then, I was thinking of getting a job in some big companies, maintaining and enhancing their old and out-fashioned system. Things are changed, in a pace that I could not imagine at that time. More and more new technologies, code frameworks are launched these days.

There is no time for an IT expert to stop facing new techs. Unless you are quiting IT. Otherwise, other competitors are going to overwhelm you without a doubt.

I started learning new things, trying new things. It it quite fun in fact when you realize that setting up servers for websites might take you a day for configurations but AWS CloudFormation could achieve this by a few clicks.

New techs are not beasts. Try to find something fun to learn.

There are many leading technologies: Cloud, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, VR AR, 3D Modeling, etc. In fact, there is no way to master them all and thus I picked some and get my hands dirty on them.

Cloud and Machine Learning are becoming vital in tradition industries.

Cloud tech is meant to be a trend of any kinds of businesses around the global, Traditional banks are launching microservices onto cloud services, and even start creating AI (ChatBot) using Cloud, not to mention Big Data Analysis and Advanced Cyber Security.

IT will never fall. You just need to be open-minded any incoming new technologies. Face it, learn it and OWN IT!!