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Migrate WordPress site to different AWS account (Part 5 Final – Map the domain to the newly migrated server & testify the result)

It is time to redirect the domain name mapping to the newly migrated servers.


Map the domain to the new servers (new ELB):

To map domain to the new ELB gateway,

1). Log onto the old AWS account -> “Route 53” -> “Hosted zones”


2). Find the “A” records and update the Alias Target value to the new ELB gateway

3). Save and wait for a few seconds to take the effect -> DONE!!!


To verify if the domain is now actually pointing to the new servers:

We can simply ping the domain and check its returning IP address to see if it is pointing to the new ELB or not:

1). Find the DNS name of the new ELB


2). Open the command prompt and ping the new ELB DNS name & the registered domain:

Expecting to get the same IP address as shown (It is pointing to the new ELB!!!)


THIS IS IT!!!   Migration of the servers is now completed! 🙂


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