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Migrate WordPress site to different AWS account (PART 4 – Load Balancer ELB for the newly migrated site)

The next step is to create the ELB for the new servers and assign the newly generated SSL certificate into it.

It is actually the same as you were creating the ELB on the old AWS account. You can simply copy the same configuration settings from the old one.


Create the ELB on new AWS account:

1). Log onto new AWS account -> “EC2” -> “Load Balancing” -> “Create Load Balancer”


2). Create the ALB


3). Name the new ELB, add the HTTPS listener & pick at least 2 Availability zones.


4). Assign the new SSL certificate into the ELB


5). Create the new security group (allowing HTTP, HTTPS for inbound rules on ACL), target group


5). Register the EC2 instance into the ELB

Select the EC2 instance -> “Add to registered”

After that, a new record of that EC2 instance appears on the Registered targets list

6). “Review” & “Create” – DONE!!


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