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Migrate WordPress site to different AWS account (PART 3 – Re-create the SSL cert on Certificate Manager from new AWS account)

Since transferring a domain requires to raise a support ticket from AWS Support Center,

in order to save time, hosted zone migration will not be performed here but later.


To request a SSL certificate on the new AWS account (on NEW AWS account side):

1). Request to create a new SSL certificate for the domain in the account


2). Make a public certificate


3). Inputthe domain name


4). Perform the DNS validation, “Review” & “Confirm & Request”

5). Copy the value of the generated key-pair value



To perform DNS validation (on original AWS account side):

1). Log onto the original AWS account -> Go to “Route 53” to find the hostzone of your domain


2). Create the CNAME record based on the previous key-pair value


3). Once it is set, it might take a few minutes (~30mins) to finish the DNS validation, and then you will see the SSL request status is “Issued” when it is ready (on new AWS account – Certificate Manager).


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