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Migrate WordPress site to different AWS account (PART 1 – EC2 Migration)

Under this migration, the following AWS services are considered:

1). EC2 – Application server for WordPress

2). RDS – DB server for WordPress

3). ACM – Amazon Certificate Manager for the SSL –  to generate a SSL cert on the transferred account

4). ELB – Load Balancer – to map the new SSL cert for the new EC2 instance

5). Re-map the registered domain to the new server


Since transferring a domain requires to raise a support ticket from AWS Support Center,

in order to save time, hosted zone migration will not be performed here but later.


Actions to be taken:


1). Select the current EC2 Instance & Right click -> “Image” -> “Create Image”


2). Fill in the image name & description of the image -> “Create Image”


3). Created Image can be found on AMI

4). Once the image status is “available”, select the image -> “Permissions” -> Fill in the Account Number you want to share this image to -> “Save”

** Keep the image as Private such that no other AWS users could ever find this image.


5). Once it is set, the image can then be seen under that account


6). Launch the image by creating the same setup as creating a new EC2 instance (e.g. Instance Type, Security group & ACL, EBS, Tags). Once launched, you will get the same WordPress instance from the image right away.



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