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Map the registered domain to your wordpress site using Route53

Once you have registered a domain name on Route53, it will take a few days (up to 3 days) for process and you will see the successful status as below.

Now, we will need to map the registered domain to the wordpress site. Go to EC2 Dashboard and find the public IP of your wordpress site.


Now, go back to Route53,


In “Hosted zones”, there will be a record of the registered domain. Select the record and “Go to Record Sets”.



“Create Record Set” and type in the name (e.g. I want my wordpress site to be “www,” so I have added “www” in the Name field. Paste the wordpress IP Address to Value field. Make sure the Type value should be “A – IPv4 address” and Alias remains “No”. Once ready, “Create” the record.


Now you shoud have a record highlighted as below.

If you want to have url links such that and are linking to the same wordpress site. Here is how Alias work:

Once again, create a new record for This time, we do not need prefix “www” so we can simple leave the Name field blank. Select “Yes” on “Alias” with the Alias Target as “”. “Create” the alias record.


And, here we are. When we browse, Route53 will redirect your url back to so you can have your url links linking to your wordpress site with ot without “www”.

Configuring the wordpress main URL:

Go to “Settings” -> “General”, Update the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) with the registered domain. All the co-related links will then be changed to that address.

****** Check your customized menu

Sometimes, you may have your customized menu items, you will need to update your URL link manually. Just be sure if they are using the domain name other than IP. “Appearance” -> “Menus” and look for the “Custom Link”





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