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Register a domain name on AWS

Beside using GoDaddy, AWS provides “Route 53” for users to register new domain names, and manage them on AWS Cloud. It is quite convenient when you are launching websites via AWS.

How to register a new domain name on AWS

  1. Log on to AWS Console, select “Services” and find “Route 53” under Category “Networking & Content Delivery”
  2. Go to “Registered domains”, select “Register Domain”
  3. Type in the domain name you are looking for, and check to see if it is available on the market
    The more common the name it is, the less chance you will be able to get it from the market, so
    i).  Try to think of a unique name and avoid popular ones.
    ii).  A simple and easy name is always easy for people to remember
    iii). If there is a website “”, try not to use alternatives such as “ /” as it would bring confusion to the users in case you want your visitors / customers to know your brand. If you are in a business, you may consider buying those names to avoid others attempting to imitate your brand or perform phishing.
  4. Once you have picked up your name, select “Add to cart”. On the shopping cart, You may decide whether you want to register the domain name for how long (minimum of 1 year & maximum of 10 years)
  5. Fill in your personal information for registration

    Be sure that the “Privacy Protect” is Enabled, otherwise your contact information above will be shown to public via WHOIS query


    If Enabled (The contact information is not referring to my actual personal information):If DIsabled (Yeah, he is the guy who took the domain name “”):

  6. Once submitted your contact information, a confirmation page will then be shown and you may do the final check on your information, check the Terms and Condition. Meanwhile, Amazon sends you an email for verification so that you will need to go to your mail box and find the verification link from the message in order to complete the purchase

  7. The transaction is now ready to proceed. It is time to do the purchase!!
  8. Congratulations! You have now succeeded the registration of your domain 🙂
  9. Move to “Registered Domain”, you will see your domain record there with the status “Domain registration in progress” -> Please note that it might take 3 days to complete but usually it may take you a few hours to make it ready.








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