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Fast and easy way to create my first wordpress website on AWS

As you may know, provides a powerful open source tool allowing you to create a website compatible to PCs and mobiles. It is so simple that we can get a website template from WordPress, customize it with its user interface, and publish it directly on the web server. AWS partner “Bitnami” makes it even smoother that it provides the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) such that we can simply create the website with a few clicks and the only thing you need is an AWS account.

***New users are under Free Tier of 12 months and thus new users will not be charged by Amazon when they are following this example.


  1. Log on to AWS console and choose “EC2” from the “Services”, then “Launch Instance”
  2.  Choose “AWS Marketplace” & Search for “WordPress”, Select the AMI as shown below
  3. Although it is certified by Bitnami, the AMI is still free of charge and only the EC2 itself is charged by Amazon. ***New users are under Free Tier of 12 months and thus new users will not be charged by following this example.
  4. Choose “t2.micro” as it is under Free Tier (Running the EC2 within 750 hours within a month is free-of-charge: 24hour x 31 days = 744 hours)
  5. Leave the settings by default (Default VPC & Subnet) but make sure the “Auto-assign Public IP” is “Enabled” otherwise you will not be able to get the IP to access to the website. Then, press “Next: Add Storage”
  6. Leave the settings to default and select “Next: Add Tags”
  7. Name your EC2 and then select “Next: Configure Security Group”
  8. Leave these rules as they are (It is pre-set by the AMI) and select “Review and Launch”
  9. Select “Launch” to confirm
  10. A prompt will be shown as below. Name your own “Key pair name” & Click “Download Key Pair” *** Save it someway secure since it is the file allowing you to access to the EC2 server via SSH (I will discuss further later in other posts). You need to DOWNLOAD the Key Pair File (e.g. MyFirstKey.pem in this case) before you could select “Launch instances”
  11. Once it is launched. Be patient and AWS will do the rest for you.
  12. Now the EC2 instance is launching with WordPress installed by just 11 STEPS!!!!!
  13. Go back to “EC2 Dashboard”, you may now see the EC2 with your assigned name and Instance State to be “running”. Be patient if it is still running, normally it takes a few minutes for completion.
  14. Public IP has been assigned. So now you may go to the website by pasting the IP address ( in this example) onto your browser
  15. Ta Da!!!!  The website has been created. just as simple as that.

    Log on as an Admin
  16. Select the EC2, Select “Actions” -> “Instance Settings” -> “Get System Log”
  17. Scroll down the log until you find the following message. Select and right-click to copy the password.
  18. From the browser, amend the link by adding “<your EC2 IP Address>/wp-login.php” to access the following page.
    Username by default: “user”
    Password will be the one you have copied value from the System Log. (Step 17)

  19. HERE WE GO!!!  The website is now ready to the public. You may customize the website as much as you want and publish it anytime.

This is it!! It won’t take you 30 minutes to setup the website even though you are not familiar with setting up servers. It is very simple and handy.

I will provide more details on How to register a domain and map it to your website using “Route 53” later on. So ENJOY your new website here!!  🙂


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